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I'm absolutely exited to publish my personal web site and make this first post in my blog!

It was a very long way to get it all done. First of all I want to thank all people who was supporting me and was encouraging all my ideas and projects. I'm very lucky to have you all next to me!

We are living in Saudi Arabia for more than two years now. It's absolutely different expirience, in comparison with all counties we were living before. Here in Saudi I realized that it is not very easy to find professional photographer and my services might be in high demand. That's triggered an idea in my mind to create a website. I strongly belive that this website will help you to find me to make pictures and save unique emotions from a kids birthday party or wedding aniversary for years...

I'm ready to make for you: family, kids and newborns photo sessions, as well as events photography in Udhailiyah, Al Hasa and Al Khobar.

Looking forward to see you!

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